Zip Ty Fuel Filter Update

ZipTy KTM Fuel Filter Test Last week we showed you the first look at the new 10 micron fuel filter for fuel injected KTM and similar models. For reference, a human hair runs about 75 microns. In the week since, about 750 miles have passed on our 2015 KTM 450xc-w. Okay, I cheated a bit, […]

FIM Rules On James Stewart Drug Test

FIM Bans Stewart It has been months, but the other shoe has finally dropped. The FIM has declared James Stewart ineligible for the 2015 Supercross season. I wrote an article on this situation way back in June. I was surprised at the kind of replies I got when talking with other riders about the situation. […]

Tecate Enduro Ride Video

 2014 Tecate Enduro Loop 3 Video photo courtesy of Dirt Focus

December 2014 Catavina Trip

Exploring the Cataviña Area Of Baja This past week was a full one. It started off with the Tecate Enduro, 100 miles of gnarly single track. From the race we packed up and headed even farther south to spend the week exploring trail around Cataviña. We rode until sunset every day, spending 6 out of […]

Tecate Enduro Results

Ian Blythe Wins Tough Enduro photos courtesy of Dirt Focus For 2014 the Los Ancianos club decided to put on the Tecate enduro once again. The last one was in 2010, it has been a hare scrambles format in recent years. This year the club swore to make it feel like an old school event. […]

Heads Of The Valleys Extreme

Knight & Jarvis Battle in Welsh Hills David Knight – “Mint day at Heads of the Valleys today, I realised again today why I actually ride and race motorbikes, It was a huge reminder to me that the sport I fell in love with still does exist now and then and that the true Hero’s […]

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  • Graham Jarvis Riding Schools Coming

    Graham Jarvis Riding Schools Coming

    Jarvis Riding Schools Are you ready to spend a day riding and learning with Extreme Enduro Ace Graham Jarvis? I am happy to announce that Graham Jarvis will be hosting riding schools here in the US this coming winter. Graham has asked us to help set up the programs and find venues. We are planning […]

  • Saturday Trophy Girl

    Saturday Trophy Girl

    Enduro360 Trophy Girl – Janna  

  • August Trophy Girl

    August Trophy Girl

    Enduro360 August Trophy Girl –  Stevanna

  • Saturday Trophy Girl

    Saturday Trophy Girl

    Here is a bit more of Trophy Girl Sarah Eisele

  • April Trophy Girl - Lillian

    April Trophy Girl – Lillian

    April Enduro360 Trophy Girl – Lillian

  • March Trophy Girl - Taylor

    March Trophy Girl – Taylor

    Enduro360 Trophy Girl – Taylor Rittgers

  • February Trophy Girl

    February Trophy Girl

    Here is our stellar February Enduro360 Trophy Girl – Yva

  • November Trophy Girl

    November Trophy Girl

    Trophy Girl Alexa Well, I don’t think I need to say too much here. But as you can see, as my photography portfolio continues to improve, we are attracting some impressive models. Enjoy  

  • Baja Rally Official Video

    Baja Rally Official Video

     Baja Rally In Moving Pictures   BAJA RALLY: OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHTS from BAJA RALLY on Vimeo.

  • August Trophy Girl

    August Trophy Girl


  • June Trophy Girl - Nikki Howard

    June Trophy Girl – Nikki Howard

    Well it was a tough call deciding on our Trophy Girl for this month. It was a near tie in the poll (after taking into account some extreme ballot stuffing). So Nikki gets the call for June. Don’t worry, Jessica and Gwen will be along shortly.

  • Chilly's Baja Tour Preparations List

    Chilly’s Baja Tour Preparations List

    On The Trail With Chilly

  • Moto Lab Suspension Review

    Moto Lab Suspension Review

     Testing Moto Lab Suspension It has been a few years since I had anyone work on suspension for me. It is kind of one of those personal issues with me I think, sort of like going to the dentist. If I don’t know for sure it is going to be right, I would rather not […]

  • Saturday Trophy Girl

    Saturday Trophy Girl

  • Product Review - Tube Saddle

    Product Review – Tube Saddle

    Flat Tire Prevention One of the new products we have been testing is the Tube Saddle. It is an innovative way to look at flat tire prevention. The saddle is a U shaped foam insert that wraps around the underside of the inner tube to provide protection from pinch flats. It is a pretty straight […]

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