The Original Dual Sport Bike – Husky RT250

1973 Husky RT360 Ad Picture


It isn’t everyday that you run across something this interesting. I dropped by Ron Bishop Motorcycles in Escondido the other day and look at what was parked outside. A very rare and clean street legal Husky RT250. As it came equipped with turn signals from the factory, this has to be one of the first true European dual sport bikes. Ron actually raced an RT similar to this one in the Baja 1000 one year.   

Thinking back to 1973 there were lots of Yamaha two-stroke trail bikes riding around with license plates. But when it came to something more like a race bike with lights, there just were not many with full street equipment on them. Many of the Euro bike makers who were looking to expand their markets here in the US and making bikes street legal was one way to do that. The following year Can-Am would debut their “TnT” models with a full complement of lighting. These days there are very few examples like this that remain. I do remember Jimmy Lewis having one of these in some sort of budget bike shoot out that Cycle World Magazine did many years ago.   

This Husky RT250 has to be pretty rare. There were never many sold and very few have to remain, let alone in this kind of pristine condition. The odometer on this bike shows less than a hundred miles, but that certainly can not be accurate. Never the less it is very clean. This one has had the motor rebuilt, but still needs some carb work and attention before it is ready to hit the track and trail again. Enjoy   


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