New Ossa 250i & 300i Enduro Models

New Direct Injection Ossa Enduro Model


After the first presentation of the Ossa TR 280i prototype in Milan, a new development work began before the production of a really new revolutionary bike. Two years later, Ossa Factory has chosen again the EICMA show to present a new prototype that will stand out in the enduro discipline. The Ossa Enduro is born with a large work experience and incorporates some novelties to get a lightweight and maneuverable bike with a brilliant engine.
It’s a bike with innovative features that once again make a difference and keep Ossa Factory’s philosophy: to provide the market with a technologically advanced product with lots of advantages such as performance, and the possibility to tune and adapt it to the requirements of every riding style. 
The new Ossa Enduro 250i/300i recovers the idea of the 70’s and it emphasizes an adventurous design and a compact motorcycle. Within its characteristics, the most relevant are a revolutionary two-stroke engine, a perimeter chassis and a new position of the air box.
If the Ossa TR280i revolutionized the trials discipline, the new Enduro 250i/300i appears with the same spirit but with the advantage of all the experience Ossa Factory’s team has gained in the past years. The separable chassis of the new Ossa Enduro 250i/300i made of cromoly, has a perimeter structure and the fuel tank is not part of it, but it is placed in a lower and forward position. The particularity is that the air filter box has been placed inside so that it is protected by the cover of the fuel tank. The premium quality suspensions are from Öhlins, a brand with which Ossa Factory has an interesting cooperation. The position of the rear shock on the right side allows for extra space to fit a part of the exhaust pipe. This shock works with a progressive linkage system assembled onto tubular swingarm. The inverted fork has 48mm stanchions and the 260mm disc on the front and 220mm on the back with Brembo callipers ensure powerful and safe braking.
The two stroke engine with a one-piece crankcase and removable gear assembly of the Ossa Enduro 250i/300i features a new and revolutionary double injection system designed in association with Kokusan and an electronic exhaust valve
which is controlled by the same ECU as the injection. One of the injectors is situated on the crankcase and the other on the cylinder. This is rather unusual as it is normally placed on the cylinder head, but this new system offers amazing possibilities to fine-tune the bike response.
The design of the Ossa Enduro 250i/300i is aggressive and modern, in the same line as the TR280i and it will continue to make a difference with this versatile and compact bike, and its prototype is presented in the EICMA Show in Milan. An environment which is part of the history of the brand and it captures how the Catalan brand is focused on the international market.
Two years of work and an investment of nearly two million euro.
The Ossa Enduro 250i/300i is, for the brand of the shamrock, much more than just a new product. It is an important step as it accomplishes one of the initial objectives of the company when it returned to themarket in 2009. These were to consolidate its trials bike (TR280i), to develop a mixture of a trials and a trail bike, and finally to launch enduro bike which is presented in this EICMA Show in Milan.
The development of the Enduro 250i/300i has been done by the Ossa team which is in the project since the end of 2010 with the objective to create a pre-series of 20 units for the importers in the beginning of 2013.The first production of 2000 bikes will be carried out in the factory Ossa has in Girona, and they are scheduled to be distributed in June 2013. The total investment of this project will reach the amount of two million euro. The international distribution of all Enduro versions, in the different cubic capacities, will be via importers, in the same way Ossa does it for the other models. Only when the project is completely developed, will the brand form a team for national and international enduro races, by the 2012-2013 season.
OSSA ENDURO 250i/300i
Type: 2 stroke single cylinder with Kokusan twin injector, admission by
V-Force3 reed rox and electronic exhaust valve.
Displacement: 249 cm³ (250i)
Bore: 66,4 mm (250i)
Stroke: 72 mm
Starter: Electric start- ACG Starter Generator Kokusan
Gearbox: 6-speed, removable cassette type
Primary reduction ratio: 21:51
Secondary reduction ratio: 12:48
Clutch: Hidraulic Wet 3-disc.
Ignition / Fuel System EFI Kokusan twin-injector
Frame type: CR-MO – Two side detachable frame
Front suspension: Öhlins Up Side Down 48 mm TTX
Rear suspension: Öhlins TTX
Front suspension travel: 300 mm
Rear suspension travel: 335 mm
Brakes: Disc brakes, Brembo floating calipers
Front brake disc: Wave – 260 mm
Rear brake disc: Wave – 220 mm
Chain: 5/8 x 1/4″
Wheelbase: 1.470±10 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded): 355 mm
Seat height (unloaded): 960 mm
Tank capacity: 9,8 l (aprox) unleaded gasoline mixed with 100% synthetic
2 Stroke oil
Dry weight: 97 kg (aprox)



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  1. StillXR says:

    Saw it in MXA this month too. Why can’t America do something like that instead of that boat anchor crap from flyover country?

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  3. Marco says:

    WOOOOW, such a coool design, STANDING APPLAUSE on design, no matter it works or not!!

  4. hank says:

    looks amazing and technically very interesting! i´m very interested in how it will work compared to usual bikes liek ktm exc and husaberg 2 stroke models for example….
    when it will be possible to buy such a cool bike, and what will be the costs ?

  5. Pursang says:

    breath of fresh air – finally 2smoke innovation
    I’m paying close attention to weight with lights and elec starter this is light. i’m a 50 + rider so I dont see myself on a 4stroke until they get light and innovative like this. plus no cams, chains, valves…
    theres a bunch of exotic 300’s ive been checking but this appears to be the best on paper and visual.
    hope i can find a dealer in SE
    Check out TSM for additional info on this Ossa
    When does montessa come out with one? I’ll take a rickman mettise

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  7. Nom De Guerre says:

    I already committed to this bike for 2013… deposit down, etc. May be a long wait, but hopefully worth it… time will tell, but certainly over the next year or so any issues will be sorted. The trials model has been well received and my dealer expects the same with this bike.

  8. mcgam says:

    Look at the rear suspension, on the right side it look like it pivots cantilever style, but on the left side it comes all the way up to the frame pivot point. Is this possible or are they just trying to fool us????

  9. BaldKnob says:

    Bring it over here, put a tag on it and keep it under $10,000. That could be a sweet ride!

  10. motorhead says:

    That thing is SOOO COOOOL! Just love the exotics. Direct injection is the future! Bring it on. Four strokes suck,too much $$$$$

  11. Pete P says:

    Look at the pipe! No more smashed headers! How clean do they run? Can they get a “Green Sticker”?

  12. Blanco says:


  13. Chilly says:

    It is not often that you see a new bike with such a huge “WOW” factor. This thing looks amazing. I don’t know if it will work, or if it will ever even get here, but it sure is cool!