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2012 Yamaha WR450f on its way to the US

Those of us here at home will still have to wait just a few weeks to ride the new Yamaha WR. But around the world the press introductions have begun. So I thought I would take a  minute to share some of those first tests with you.

It looks like the Aussies are going to get a cool tool to play with the fuel mapping. It is described as something about the size of an Ipod that will plug into the bike to play with the fuel delivery settings. Don’t expect anything like that for the domestic models. Green sticker legal status is going to dictate tamper proof settings for the USA.


Early reviews describe the new 450 as feeling slim and much lighter than the model it replaces. The YZ250f chassis design contributes greatly to this feel. Like the current bike, the light and small feel may be give the bike a cramped feeling for taller riders. The WR finally gets the suspension package upgrade to include twin chamber forks.

Here is what the boys at Transmoto magazine have to say:

“Its ability to soak up the small choppy bumps coming into corners, as well as the larger braking bumps and square-edges was remarkable. It’s a confidence-inspiring bike, which is what I really loved. You could tip it into a corner and it would always track straight and true and hold its line. There was a lot of front-end feel and you could really push the bike and feel when it was starting to slip; it wouldn’t just let go.”

“The bike is really crisp and responsive off the bottom, it produces excellent power from the bottom through to mid range, and even with the five-valve head it produces really good top-end power. The bike doesn’t cough or splutter, and there where no flame outs.”

From Moto Online Australia:


2012 Yamaha WR450f Specifications

WR450f New Features for 2012


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  1. Blanco says:

    Any word on when you will get your hands on the WR?

  2. mick says:

    no offense but ozzies are worse than pommies when it comes to evals. get to the point

  3. Lando says:

    I am pretty excited about this bike. It is getting great press so far. I also recently checked the “accessories” section on the yamaha USA page and they are selling a programable race ECU for $99 and and the handheld GYTR tuner for $250. That means it should be tunable even in the good old USA. I was also pleased to find out it is not a complete pig. People are saying around 270lbs wet…that is not bad considering KTMs 450 XCW is 260 wet (according to dirtrider). I am guessing the KTM kill it head to head but at least it is a great update for the everyday trail rider and occasional racer.

  4. Todd Davis says:

    That sounds like the same tuner that is available from GYTR for the YZ450f. Do the new KTM XCW four strokes come with a tamper proof ECU? I thought it was just the street EXCs? I hope this bike is competition for the KTM’s. Not getting my hopes up though. I was a yamaha guy for a long long time but the last 4 years or so it was hard to not go to KTM.