Brian Garrahan Race Report

District 36 Phantom Hare Scrambles

Phantom Hare Scrambles Results

  1. Brian Garrahan
  2. Justin Bonita
  3. Pat Garrahan
  4. Cody Webb
  5. Justin Sanders
  6. Jordan Brandt
  7. Steven Godman
  8. Anson Maloney
  9. Rodney Spencer Jr
  10. Kale Elworthy

Round four of the District 36 series at Hollister Hills SVRA kicked off last weekend. With California getting rain all week and it not letting up all weekend, this race had some serious muddy features. The motocross track was just quagmire and there was some super slick down hills. The rest of the course was not that bad as they built the course knowing of the weather.

Sundays was the Pro A,B race in the morning C race in the afternoon and Senior racing at the end of the day. With the sun shining early in the morning the racing was looking good for the A’s and B’s.

The Pro’s were the first ones off the line. I was racing my new 450 Dungey addition for the first time. I got the bike a week earlier and had ridden it every day prior to the race. The thing is sick!!!! We started on the motocross track and that was actually the only real muddy spot. The rest of the course was pretty perfect or at least came good as the race progressed. I started on the way outside on the only little dry patch. Everyone else was line up in two feet of mud. When that gun fired, I was off !! Not the best jump off the line but with that dry ground and outside catapult line I had I grabbed a huge hole shot. When the pro line all lifted the throttle for the first corner, I shifted up a gear a railed some fools.

I led for about half of the first lap until a muddy downhill. I tried to change line and my rear tire hooked a root. My swing arm slapped a tree and over the hangers I went. GOT Justin Bonita, GOT Alex Dorsey, Jordan Brandt, and my brother GOT Patrick all went by. I worked my way back into fourth by the end of the lap. With GOT Bonita out front I knew I was going to have to push hard to get back in the race as he has been riding really well. With this new 450, I felt really comfortable on the bike and was able to work by everyone to retake the lead. Short lived as I decided to pit on the second lap not knowing the gas mileage on the new bike. I pulled a big enough lead where Bonita was the only one to hang and was able to re pass me in the pits. I knew I had to work hard this lap as he was to gas next lap and I wanted to be there when he was exiting the pits. I got a little hung up going through the scoring tower by a lapper and was not able to close the gap I wanted. I charged hard the fourth lap and reeled Bonita back in, once I caught him I knew it would be game on!!! We did some good racing doing some block passes just like were training during the weekdays. I was able to put a few lappers in between us and once I got the little gap on the kid he couldn’t hang with the old dog. That’s three for the kids one for the old dogs. We will see at years end!! So I took the checkered in first!! It has been a while, I hurt my shoulder last October and have been struggling since. This new Dungey bike has really put a spark in my eye the thing is so awesome!! GOT Bonita took second with my brother GOT Patrick taking third fourth went to Cody Webb and fifth Justin Sanders. HUH one two three Boulder Creek must be the water!!!

In the 250 A class GOT AJ Lehr limped away with a hard fought second, I heard him and Michael Aranda had a serious battle until Micheal ended up off a cliff. GOT Alex Lehr in the the fierce A senior class recorded a sixth place.

The B class had some outstanding racing also. With GOT Brandon Roberts having the best ride of the weekend finishing first in 250 B and twenty first OA! What a great ride. Not much of a surprise the day after the race Brandon and I were in the river pounding laps and working corners. Go to for your one one one lessons. Forest Hughes a new GOT student struggled but finished in fifteenth beating out GOT Brandon “Snowflake” Snow. The B vet class we had GOT Jason Krogue finishing sixth and GOT Terra “Too Tall” Conlon getting ninth. Last but not dead we have the B seniors with local boy GOT Royce Enz Bowlus getting an impressive second in class. GOT Kevin Carter finding the B class a little harder charged to a fourth in class also a good ride.

Now the C race those guys got hammered. A half hour hailstorm right before the gun went off. Must have been a lot off stuck crashed bikes out there. GOT rider Dylan Nevin beat out some heavy hitters recording a fourth in the 200 C class. GOT ace JT Baker fifth and always there Drew Lehr sixth good ride kids. GOT Charlie Smart in the C four stroke class soldiered on from a hard ride to finish a hard desired finish.  Another ride of the day would go to Bianca Oliveira Winning the B women but placing fourth OA in the whole C race. WOW she beat like over two hundred grown men must be all that GOT training. Second place going to GOT Morgan Dorsey in the B women’s.

Saturdays racing started with the kids, let me tell you, it rained all day and it was cold, there were some miserable kids out there, they toughed it out though. Starting with the C 50 class GOT Michael Alaga in his first race got on the podium with a third place. GOT Collin Fisher winning the B50 class. In the competitive C 65 class GOT Brandon Stoffel took the win. ” My favorite part of the course was the start because it was so important, I lost my new goggles out there but kept going. Knowing that my GOT braking drills have helped me I had no problems in the muddy corners, boy was that the muddiest race ever”. In the B 65 class GOT Mateo Oliveira took first. With a bad start and all GOT Brittney Smart charged threw the pack to take a hard fought win in the C 85 class.

The AB kids race was fierce. With GOT JT Baker the win GOT  Luke Souza second from the B row, GOT Dante Oliveira third, GOT Sophia Oliveira fourth,And GOT Max Parker rounding out the top five. Good race guys!!!

GOT 1st A85 JT Baker

GOT 1st A Girl Sophia Oliveira

GOT 1st B 85 Luke Souza

GOT 1st B Girl Kyleigh Rhodes


Hollister always draws a big crowd no matter the weather and this year was no exception. Good job Ghost riders.



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