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Oversize Fuel Tanks for KTM Fuel Injected Models

Add Range to Your Bike

For those looking to get some distance out of their new KTM, there are a number of options for larger fuel tanks now. The fuel pumps on the 2011 & 2012 models add some extra challenges for designers, so the tanks have taken a while to get to market.

At first the 2.25 gallon OEM tanks on the new XC-W and EXC models seem small, but with the good fuel mileage numbers, these bikes can get nearly 100 miles of dual sport riding in. The OEM tanks are designed to accommodate the emissions equipment that is underneath, so they do not take full advantage of the space available under the tank. That means there is room to grow the capacity without the perimeter of the tank gaining too much bulk.

KTM sent us the  13 litre (3.4 gallon) model, while Ben Rosenthal from Just Gas Tanks came by to show me the latest from Acerbis. He also expects the Clockwork tank to be in at any time. The retail price for the KTM tank is $299. Just Gas Tanks sells the Acerbis models for $229 (3.2gl) and $339 (5.3gl). Considering the fuel economy of the new fuel injected bikes, with the largest tank, a 200 mile range should be possible.

Here is a quick look at the tanks and the process of installing them. In general, these tanks are designed for all four stroke EXC / XC-W models (250-500)  and some XC-F & SX-F models. Make sure to verify applications, there are three different part numbers for the KTM tanks, including two stroke. The Acerbis tanks will not work with the EXC emissions equipment. All of these tanks require a parts kit similar to what is shown with the KTM 13 Litre model, with new hose clamp, fuel line fitting and anchor fitting.


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  1. KTMPilot says:

    How about the IMS tank? anyone tried that out yet and what is the feedback?

  2. Chilly says:

    Yes, there should be plenty of room for things like the rad fan and front mount rad guards like the Bulletproof ones.

  3. E-Ticket says:

    Nice summary, Chilly … thank you so much!

    BTW, do these tanks look like they leave enough room for BulletProof Design radiator guards … and other brands?
    In other words, if a guard fits on a stock KTM tank … it *should* fit on these aftermarket tanks?

    That 3.2 Acerbis has me rummaging through the couch for lost coins.

    Cheers! E-Ticket

  4. Chilly says:

    Yes, much of the reason is that they have utilized the vacant space under the stock tank. Even the KTM 13L still has much of this unused empty space, because it is designed to accommodate the EXC emissions equipment.

  5. Dave says:


    You have your finger on the pulse. Thanks for the up to the minute info. That Acerbis is nice and narrow!