2013 Gas Gas Models – Photo Review

Refinements for 2013 Gas Gas 250/300

As the recently released 2012 Gasser was an all new bike, you would not exect too much to change for the coming year. But it looks like Gas Gas has taken a hard look at the entire bike and addressed most of the issues with the newest platform. Here is a quick look at photos of the US spec model.


Improvements to 2013 Gas Gas Models

1.   6 degree increase in the turning angle

2.   Revised shock linkage provides greater grip, stability and better general performance. Also lowers seat height.

3.   Changed side of the steering lock

4.   Suspension fine-tuned by HRG (Suspension specialists)

5.   New one bolt air filter access

6.   Reinforced plastic subframe cross-member

7.   New top roller guide for the chain with built-in bearing

8.   New front fender brace

9.   Stronger reinforced shrouds, now uses bolt to attach

10. Stronger side panels, now attach with bolt

11. New powervalve cover

12. New stronger kickstarter

13. New clutch hub with oil holes, cools better and more durable

14. New tank for better fit of the plastic

15. New brake line guide to clear fork guard

16. New brake line with riveted cover to prevent the front wheel from pulling

17. New frame guards


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  1. Paul Lehrman says:

    When will they be available?

  2. Blanco says:

    That looks tasty…..