2013 OSSA Enduro News

The Latest From Spain Is The OSSAGas

OSSA enduro models to be produced by Gas Gas


Musical Motors – As you may have seen printed here, it looks like the OSSA Direct Injection enduro models are no where on the near horizon. In the meanwhile, the company wants to move ahead and needs enduro models to sell. Word out of Spain is that OSSA has reached a deal with Gas Gas to produce a collaborative bike. The 250 and 300 models will be assembled at the Gas Gas factory and use the existing GG two stroke motors. No word yet on what chassis differences the OSSA models may feature.

So as Gas Gas uses Yamaha motors for their 4T line that we affectionately call the “Yamagas”. I guess we can now coin the term “OSSAGas” for these new bikes. Anyone out there want to photoshop a GG motor into the picture?


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  1. Jimmy says:

    Bummer, that direct injection looked cool. I think it was Ossa that did DI back in the 70’s. It seems like every 2-stroke would have that by now. It does look like a cool bike though with reversed linkage, a 2-stroke pipe without the worry of caving it in, weighing in at roughly 208 lbs, and fuel injection! All great ideas, I hope they don’t take off any more of the trick things about it, and if they can’t get it done in time for a 2013, I wouldn’t mind waiting another year.

  2. Alan says:

    no, gas gas does not make the reversed 2t motor.

  3. George says:

    Does Gas-Gas already make the reverse 2t in the OSSA 280i trials bike?