Sherco Enduro Coming To USA

Sherco 250i and 300i on the way

Sherco four stroke models coming to US

It looks like the current US Gas Gas importer, GasGas Offroad, will start importing the Spanish enduro brand Sherco. I spoke briefly with GGOR’s Clay Stuckey about the move. He explained, that as the situation stands with Gas Gas, they are unable to import the Yamaha motored four stroke line. The addition of Sherco will allow them to provide a full range of both two and four stroke models to their dealer network.

The first 2013 models to be shipped will be the 250i and 300i  fuel injected four stroke race models. Plans also include bringing the X-Ride 290 to the states. The X-Ride is similar in concept to the KTM Freeride and the Gas Gas Pampera concept. The Sherco two stroke enduro line is in current development and expected to be available later in 2013.

Sherco was founded in 1998 by a group of former Gas Gas engineers. Like GG, the early bikes and primary focus have been  the trials market. The enduro line has seen a slow growth since the original fuel injected 450 models debuted a number of years ago.

Things have moved much faster with the introduction of the current fuel injected 250/300 range. Interestingly, the enduro bikes are actually assembled in their French factory.

Sherco X-Ride 290

About Sherco Enduro – Sherco’s entry into the enduro market has seen its activities double, not only in technical and human terms, but also physically, with the inauguration of a new factory in Nimes (France), which is dedicated exclusively to this sector of the market. Each of Sherco’s two factories will work independently, with no interference from the other; they will focus exclusively on their own work. They will benefit from the experience gained by the other, and from bulk purchasing, which will be reflected in the quality and price of the motorcycles produced. In 2001 Sherco bought HRD, a prestigious French firm dedicated exclusively to the production of high-quality enduro bikes, with the aim of expanding its activities in this market. To ensure this new production activity would not interfere with the trials bike divisions already excellent results, a new factory was created in the town of Nimes in France’s southern region of Languedoc, close to Italy, which is the country that is the principal supplier of materials and components for the enduro bikes. Directed by Didier Tirard, these new facilities cover an area of 2,000 m2, and have a team of 14 employees dedicated exclusively to improving the enduro and supermotard model bikes. The current offering is for twelve models in the enduro and supermotard configuration with the following displacements: 50 cc 2-stroke, 125 cc 250 cc 300cc 450cc and 510cc 4-stroke. The estimated production capacity stands at some 3,000 units per year.

** Link: 2013 Sherco 300i Specifications **


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  1. Ron says:

    Todd York you have no idea what you are talking about. Yes it has a motor, a frame, a wp fork, and a swing arm. It must be a blue KTM…. Oh wait that is what Husabergs are now. Sorry you’re wrong buddy.

  2. raikes says:

    it hasnt got a ktm motor and wp supply forks to anyone but are owned by ktm as yamaha own ohlins that doesnt make every bike supplied wiht ohlins a yam

  3. Dean says:

    I must live on the moon….

    As much fun as it is to read and look at pictures of these cool exotic looking and sounding euro boutique bikes who really buys them? Better yet, are there dealers out there that stock them and sell them??

    I live and ride mostly in Southern California not exactly the middle of nowhere but not exactly the center of the enduro bike universe either. There must be niches of the nation that buys these kind of bikes but where? East coast woods? Up along the border with Canada? Where??

  4. Todd York says:

    Looks like another Blue KTM??

    KTM Motor,WP Forks, similar frame, swingarm and linkage.

  5. Greg says:

    I am really liking the bikes like the X-Ride and the Ossa Explorer. I hope we see more.