KTM Power Parts Lowered Suspension

Factory Suspension Lowering for Your KTM

KTM suspension lowering kit

KTM suspension lowering kit

KTM now offers a complete lowering kit for late model PDS bikes.

Lowered suspension is a great option for many riders. Aftermarket companies have specialized in it for years. A few years ago I built a  lowered bike for Neena to ride, my 2003 450exc. What continually amazes me about it, is how well it handles. For most riding, the loss of an inch of travel goes completely unnoticed. Plus, the bike now sits slightly lower overall and has some characteristics that are actually better than stock!

With a lower center of gravity and slightly quicker steering geometry, the old 450 actually feels lighter and turns better. I have used this bike for a number of Baja trips and it works fantastic, even for me. Needless to say, I am a big proponent of the idea.

The KTM kit is designed as a complete package. It includes; the internal lowering components, springs and a shorter sidestand. The parts can be purchased for installation by a dealer or the suspension can be sent to KTM for a in-house overhaul. KTM is also working on a new bike exchange option.

We recently tested the complete package on our 2013 350exc. The kit comes with springs that are one rate stiffer than stock. The 350exc comes with 6.9/.42 rates. Our test suspension had 7.2/.44 rates. Coincidentally, these are the same rates that I have already installed to compensate for my weight. The new lowered bike was decidedly firm feeling. Overall it is stiffer than my current set up.

Over 300 miles of dual sport riding on mixed terrain, I rate the package as good. It was a bit stiff, but it was also a brand new set of suspension. I would expect them to get smoother with more ride time. On the highway the ride was smooth with no front end dive under braking. The off road ride was firm enough to even hit a few whoops at speed.

Typically lowered suspension reduces the seat height about 1″. This kit reduces heights by 1.5″. So it might be particularly attractive to riders looking to get the bike as low as possible. The only real fault I found with the kit was the sidestand length. I felt it was a little too short and the bike would lean excessively.

The suspension lowering kit is available through KTM dealers via the Power Parts catalog. The retail price is $479.99 and its recommended that this kit is installed by Authorized KTM dealer.



Part Number

LOW SUSPENSION KIT 200 XC-W 08-13 50312955044
LOW SUSPENSION KIT 250/300 XC-W 08, 250/300 XC-W 10-13, 250 XCF-W 08, 250 XCF-W 10-13, 350 XCF-W/EXC-F 12-13 55112955044
LOW SUSPENSION KIT 250/300 XC-W 09, 250 XCF-W 09 55112955144
LOW SUSPENSION KIT 400/450/530 XC-W/EXC-R 08-11, 450/500 XC-W/EXC 12-13 78012955044




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