2013 Erzberg Rodeo Results

Jarvis Gets His Iron Giant Win

Erzberg Podium; Jarvis, Letti, Gomez

Erzberg Podium; Jarvis, Letti, Gomez


The time has just expired at Erzberg as 14 riders have made it to the finish line after a very hard day of riding. We watched the last of the live video feed this morning as the final riders came in. There were three riders, including Mario Roman right near the top of the final climb just as the clock ticked down to zero. What a heart break that must have been.

It was a day of vindication for Graham Jarvis as he finally gets the Erzberg win. Check out the Klim filled podium too.

Top of the hill in Austria

Top of the hill in Austria


Erzberg Rodeo Results

Checkpoint: 20 ZIEL
1Graham Jarvis GBR 52Husaberg EC 300
2Andreas Lettenbichler GER 4Husqvarna WR 300
3Alfredo Gomez Cantero ESP 24Husaberg te 300 2t
4Jonny Walker GBR 3KTM 300EXC
5Ben Hemingway GBR 25Beta RR 300
6Dougie Lampkin GBR 35GasGas EC 300
7Taichi Tanaka JPN 19KTM 300 XCW
8Ivan Cervantes ESP 6KTM 250 EXC
9Alex Van Den Broek NED 40KTM 300cc
10Pierre Pallut FRA 8KTM 300 EXC
11Wade Young RSA 14Husaberg 300TE
12Lee Sampson GBR 60KTM 250
13Dan Hemingway GBR 57Beta 300rr
14Philipp Scholz GER 5KTM EXC 300



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  1. Glen says:

    2103 Erzberg? Have I found a portal to the future? How is Jarvis still alive and racing? What shares should I invest in? Does the oil ever run out? Teelllllll mmeeeeeeee!!

  2. Chilly says:

    Taddy sat out from his injury at X Games. Will be interesting to see if he is ready to go for Sacramento this week. As for Dougie Lampkin just hoisting the front end on his Gas Gas in the air to clear out the water, that was amazing. I was really surprised the bike fired right up after he did that. What a crazy and amazing race. 1500 riders show up to try for the main event, 14 make it to the finish!

  3. 100larry says:

    Where was Taddy?

  4. OG says:

    Jarvis couldnt make barcelona endurocross main, but rules iron giant. Wonder if he ever dropped it or even stalled once in 2:01

    Did anyone see the stand up jet ski’s in start area?

    I still cant get over how quick Jarvis and Letty went through carls dinner and up dynamite. dynamite hates riders.

    Jonny looked awesome at certain points, too bad about start

    Cervantes owned Machine

    Learned two things from Doogie, how not to act and the sickest way to clear out water ever-next to poor hemingway doing it the traditional way. See video on Red Bull.

  5. E-Ticket says:

    And Graham Jarvis won it from the SECOND ROW …!!
    Woof. What a stud.

    – ET

  6. OG says:

    See Palluts bike post race with Jarvis’s rain slicker wrapped up in his rear wheel, no front fender and a smashed up pipe with nickleback playing in the background?

    Jonny shouldnt have taken the stand up jet ski lines, and dougie and ben and…

    The standups were epic. Cant wait to hear how far everyone made it.
    The TM rider who pulled the holeshot ended up 15th and bareley missed the finish time

    Friggin loved it so Epic to be able to catch it live!

  7. Mike Kay says:

    French man Pallut was 10th and Phillip Sholz was 14th