New Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

 Tough and Versatile Packing Straps

Giant loop Pronghorn Straps

Giant loop Pronghorn Straps

One of the new products we saw on our tour through Giant Loop was the new “do everything” packing straps. These tough, flexible straps are designed to help pack nearly anything onto your motorcycle, particularity in those hard to handle places.DSC_0038


Every motorcyclist needs a handful of these multi-purpose, 26-inch-long, stretch polyurethane straps with unbreakable fasteners. You’ll find a million uses for these quick, solid, tough straps. We’ve been using them for years to secure everything from luggage to water and fuel bottles to our Bushwackers Hand Guards. Sold in packages of 2, available in red with Giant Loop’s iconic cow skull graphic and our design mantra: “Go Light. Go Fast. Go Far.”

Named for the Pronghorn* – indigenous to the American West, fast, tough and able to withstand the harsh environments of the Great Basin.

Also available: 20″ Pronghorn Straps and 16″ Pronghorn Straps.

* Often called an antelope, which is an African animal and not related to the American Pronghorn.

• super tough stretch polyurethane
• unbreakable fastener
• adjustable from 4″ to 26″
• width 3/4″
• Made in Canada

 Giant Loop


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