2014 Sherco 450SE-i Photos

The all new Sherco 450SE-i is expected to make its debut in 2014. Here are photos from last weeks EICMA show. No word yet on when we might expect to see this new bike in the states.

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  1. Jay says:

    No kickstarter on this new engine.

    Is that the sparkplug hole on the right side of the cylinder head? If so, that’s going to make plug changes very easy and accessible :)

  2. Chasejj says:

    Is it me or does that motor look like they took an older RFS KTM motor and added DOHC head,cast in water flow(in lieu of rubber hose) and called it a day?
    They even tried to add cooling fins above the ignition to cool the oil flow like an old HT cooler setup.
    Not insinuating that any of that is a bad thing, just very derivative of the RFS when you look at the motor architecture.

  3. Clay Stuckey says:

    I was told by Sherco that the bike is planned to be built in January so we should have them in the US in February.
    Clay Stuckey
    Sherco Offroad.