2013 Baja 1000 – The Next 36 Hours

Two Honda teams arrive at pit side by side at the 2011 Baja 500

Two Honda teams arrive at pit side by side at the 2011 Baja 500

It is going to be pretty hectic in Baja for the next 30 some hours. The Pro Motorcycle teams will do their qualifying in Ojos Negros this afternoon. While it will just be a quick lap around the short scrambles course, it will still require teams to spend most of the day out in the field. While the start position for the top bikes is typically not that critical. With the new night time start, I have to think that being first off the line, clear of any dust, will be an advantage. I expect the top riders; Weigand, Bell and Caselli, to all go flat out for that first position.

Most of the prerunning will already be completed as the teams will be wide open from now until the start tomorrow night. What IS left to prerun will be the start. That opens at midnight tonight. Riders will only have the wee hours of the night to learn the first 40 miles of the course. That is, if they want to see it in the dark, just like it will be when they race it.  I hope everyone has teamed up with a riding partner to do this. Night time riding is sketchy enough, but through the suburbs of Ensenada makes it even worse.

There are not many places in Baja that make me think twice about riding. But this is one of them. Last June at the Baja 500 a rider was held up a gunpoint and had his bike stolen while riding the start. That was in broad daylight too! Even worse, it was a scenario of the thief acting as a rider who had crashed, just waiting for a helpful fellow rider to arrive and offer assistance.

The schedule keeps rolling on. Tomorrow morning will be tech inspection. That is followed by the press conference around noon. In the evening is the riders meeting. From there, the motorcycle riders will go almost directly to the start line for their 11pm call time. It will be a hectic day and a half and that is just to arrive at the start line! It is hard enough to find enough time to eat and sleep properly before a race even without all the additional work for this years race.

It will be very interesting to see what the night start brings. Will the teams take it easy and let the race be more of a procession until daylight. Will one try to sneak away in the dark? Will they all just go flat out? Will one team try come up with some alternate strategy just for these conditions?

Either way, let’s just hope for safe riding for everyone until daylight. There is a very good chance that the tone of the whole race will already be set as the sun comes up on Friday morning.


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  1. Fritz says:

    Thanks Chilly, i thought that might be the case.

  2. Chilly says:

    Ftiz, the tracking only list the rider of record for each bike. It does not give any info as to who the actual rider is. Yes, Timmy is hurt and will only ride the bike at the finish.

  3. Fritz says:

    Chilly, race tracking has Tim Weigand leading, do you know if this is true or is he hurt and someone else is on the bike ?? Thanks

  4. Jon Johnson says:

    Chilly You Solo Ill Solo Again !!
    You Thinking Point Too Point Or A Quickie Like Mousey Mcoy He Did The Easiets Baja 1000 Ever HA HA !!
    Still Hes A Animal ! Mousy Also Had The Best Support & Training Of Any Ironmaner Ever Todate !!
    Thing One Start The Race !! Thing Two Finish the Race Is Too Be A Winner !!

  5. Jon Johnson says:

    Ive Been Passed By So Many Trophy Trucks I Cant Count That High.
    Day Nite Ensenada San Felipe Ccocos Corner
    Shoot We Got Into It W Herbst Helicopter Guy & Truggy Guy They Tried Too Dust Out Just Miles Away From Finish Line I Grabbed The Guy Thru His Window At Finish Line I Was So Pissed Not Too Hug Him Either…
    Yes Theres Been Fights N Score Offroad Before As We Are Human.
    It Will Still Happen But As Growing Up Thru Score Its Not As Much As It Use Too Be .

    It Was A Tight Section They Were WRONG Truggy So SO Close NO WERE TOO GO Knew They Were There Saw A Area Ahead 100’Good Too Stop Before That Truggy Ht Pushed Me Could Not Believe It Had No Were Too Go.. Then Top It OFF Helicopter Shit If I Was A StuntMan I Could Have Grabbed His Landing Gear Rode too Finish Line That Close Then BOOM Could Not See Happened So Fast Was Lucky to Stop Without Crashing ..
    So Respect Can Be EveryWHere Look AT UFC WOW Fight 5 Rounds Hugg Each Other And There trained To Take Each Other Out NOT Racing Trophy Truck Against Bike ..
    W All that Said They Should Have 6 8 Hr Start I Thought 4 Hrs Was Good ??

  6. Jon Johnson says:

    So Taylor Roberts N The Mix Hes TOUGH!!
    Hes A Great Guy, Great Racer COME ALONG WAY !
    Yes Kurt W More BAJA Experience Will Be Good Down there No Matter How Good You R You Need TOO Feel BAJA INSIDE OUT !!
    So Sorry To Hear Kamo Out But May Be N Again Endorphins Kick N Hes Gone Great Funny Guy Great Rider Honda Needs Too Take Better CAre Of ts Riders SUpport them Better !!
    Colton I Like Allot !! Good DAm Guy ..
    BUT THERES STILL IS ALWAYS WILL BE BRUCE OGILVIE LARRY ROSSLER JOHNNY CAMPBELL OH DANNY MAKE A STATEMENT HAMIL WOW COLTON IS NOT THERE YET … & SO MANY MORE awesome racers Malcolm i live a hop skip jump or unicycle ride from him growing up ! WOW JN Roberts WOW ! Scotty Doing Races N Mexico Great Taken Away From SCore Or Another DAy For Bikes BUMM ! Chilly Said It Write Yes Deaths Happen The Chance A Trophy Truck Ran You Over SLIM… But Were Alive & Things HAPPEN If I Died Or HA HA When I Die Id Rather Get Run Over By A Trophy Truck Then Hit N A Cross Walk ANy DAy !!!!!!!!

  7. Jon Johnson says:

    Now Go Ride A Quad Have Some Fun U Dont Have Too Race One !!
    We Do So Much Ranch Work W A Quad Not Sure How It Would Be Possible To Get SO Much Done !
    Wish We Could Afford A New One Though The Suspension Is So Further Ahead then Our Old Ones !!
    We Use Horse & Motorcycles For Hearding & Round Up Quads Help Out !
    As For The 1000 Or Any Race Quad Guys That Pass Me SImply Amazing How They Stay On That Octopus Tires Legs Fling All Around They Have Always Been Passing Me N Style I Love Watching Them !! !
    It Takes Allot to Race A Quad !
    Hats Off Too All That Race & Ride !! I Do Say this Now That There R Polaris Mules Out On 4xs On Roads N Desert Its Like A Freaking 405 HWY Sad Too See I Like The Singal Track Ive Seen Quads Do Some Pretty Sketchy SIngle Trak Like WOW How Did They Do That But It Is What It IS !

  8. Mark C says:

    I’ll jump in…….

    JCR has the experience and history but with rumors swirling about who out and who’s in. Who’s hurt and who’s not, This could be the year that someone else rises to the top of the podium. Legendary for preparation they are still the favored by many.

    KTM is learning the preparation portion of Baja quickly. With the addition of Kendall Norman, who is said to “keep his speed at night”, this could be the missing cog in the wheel to get KTM the win. Look for Kendall to put in some major time at night.

    Kawasaki is the dark horse in the mix.If they get the breaks they need and they avoid last years heartbreak of a simple part failure, they could pull it off. Bell and Pearson are bulls with a drive to bring it home.

    1st. KTM

    2nd. JCR

    3rd. Kawasaki

    Let the smack talking begin!!

  9. homero says:

    BAJA is not for pussies! it’s never been!

  10. Jim Herrera says:

    Great coverage …

  11. duke says:

    Nice to know you don’t give a rats ass about the quads, I will no longer be reading your sad excuse for a website. You are what’s wrong with society today

  12. Mike Garvin says:

    Come down here! I am racing on 315x. I’ll be getting on at El Chinero and riding the San Felipe whoops. Just not Baja without you.

  13. Mike Korny Korenwinder says:

    Yes the age thing cathes up wih us all. Road with Alexander two weeks ago at the MSR, Tucker Rocky Ride. Alexander put the whole ride together being that father Malcom was healing up from a recent hip surgery I believe, We rode out of San Quinteen and he did a great job and yes he rides well, He was ridding with a new Rider which just happened to be the president of Tucker Rocky so didnt get to ride with him much. Looked for you to be there. I wish him and the rest of the bike boys the best and a safe ride. This night start will be wild. I was 47 & 49 when I soloed on the bike, My friend yes time is running out. And you most definetly have somthing for the iron ridders, just youth is not on your side. Hmmm dont care for the quads I had a hard time understanding what you were trying to say. LOL. Take care and Thanks Again. KORNY.

  14. Chilly says:

    So the word floating around is that Timmy Weigand is injured and may not be able to race. It would not have been from today’s qualifying, but from something else while prerunning. It sounds like David Kamo has the doctors okay to race after dislocating his shoulder a week or so ago. It is really hard to get good information, Honda is super quiet about this stuff. Colton Udall rode the bike today for the qualifying, so that means he will start the race tomorrow night.

    As rider of record, Timmy will have to finish on the bike for points, but he can literally just get on and cross the line with it if he is really injured.

  15. Chilly says:

    Hey Korny, good to hear from you. I am going to have to buck up and do the solo bit one of these days (before it gets too late). I am not sure that I would have anything for Alexander Smith this year, but you never know.

    But you are slightly wrong, don’t give a rats ass about the quads.

  16. Mike Korny Korenwinder says:

    Thanks for the great coverage you are he only one with up to date coverge and truly care about the bikes, and quad ridders. Truley the real athletes of baja. I am still partial to all the iron man ridders both bikes and quads we now what it takes. Team Korny.

  17. Scott H says:

    Scotty A says:

    November 13, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    “I know one team has a secret weapon for the start!!!”

    Yah, the 2x. If there is not much of a breeze and it is dusty, they could pull a good lead in clean air.
    Nooo booby traps hopefully.

  18. Scotty A says:

    I know one team has a secret weapon for the start!!!

  19. Chilly says:

    SCORE is working to monopolize all coverage of the event. I am not sure if that is for better or worse, but whatever live coverage there is, it will be on the SCORE-International website. But I dont’ think we are going to see much on the bikes. As near as I can tell, there will not be any weatherman feed this year either.

  20. Chucky says:

    Is there any place that is providing live coverage and/or updates of the event? Better yet….any video coverage? I know about Breauxman Live but is he all that we have? A shame such an event doesn’t get better coverage.